The Prayer of Psalm 13

The Stardust in Stories

As a writer, sometimes I get a thought that makes me pause. Whether I’m writing a novel or outlining a series or just daydreaming about a character or scene… every time this thought comes into my head, I pause to consider it. And immediately doubts flood into my soul, shrouding the light of inspiration and dreams and stories untold.

The thought is simply:

“What if no one ever reads my books?”

“What if I never get published?”

“What if this is all in vain?”

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably thought these things before.

I mean, let’s face it, there are plenty of authors out there and even more aspiring ones! There are thousands of great manuscripts just waiting to see the light and thousands more writers with stories inside of them. Why are our stories any better than theirs?

I don’t mean to discourage you, but this is simply the truth.

There are hundreds of thousands of writers out there like you and me. Writing and editing like crazy, desiring to be published…

Why would any reader or publisher pick us over them? Their stories are probably just as interesting and well written.

Why would they pick us over them?

If you expected me to have an answer to that question, I’m sorry to disappoint. However, the reason I am writing to you now, is because I think I have finally found an answer to another question; one just as important, if not more so; one that shatters the doubt in me.

I think I finally found the answer to why I continually write, even though there is a chance it’s all in vain.

And I thought I’d share it, just in case it rings true with you, as well.

I write…

because I simply can’t stop.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

I can’t stop dreaming about it.

I have sixty stories in my head as of today.

That means I have dozens of plots! Hundreds of characters!

I am a dreamer. And more than that, a writer!

I have distant galaxies in my bones;

the roars of dragons in my ears.

I have fairy dust flowing through my veins;

deep waters sparkling in my eye;

the mysteries of worlds in my thoughts.

I can’t stop writing and I don’t see why I ever should when the words come pouring out like a waterfall. Even if the words are unedited and at some points don’t make sense… They form something magical.

They form light that comes straight from my heart and soul.

When I think about it, I don’t understand why I ever cared about popularity or being published.

Sharing my stories with those who will attentively listen are more important than those things, aren’t they?

And if I do worry about publicity and fame, I’ll lose the gleam in my stories that makes them special. And that’s something I can’t risk losing.

And anyway, if I do ever get published or become famous, I want it to be because they saw I had something to say, something that came from the deepest part of my me… a story uninfluenced by what I think the readers want to read or the publishers want to publish. If I get published, I want it to be because they saw the gleam in my stories; because they saw the stardust that comes from the light of the One who lives in my heart.

Well, that settles it for me.

“What if no one ever reads my books?”

“What if I never get published?”

“What if it’s all in vain?”

No, the real question is, why would I ever block the light of my stories when there is always a chance someone wandering in the dark might stumble into it?

No, no, I will never stop writing. Because when you love something so deeply and passionately, you should never quit because of ‘What If’s.

And I pray that you, my friends, will never give up on what you love because of fear, as zealously as I pray that I won’t, either.

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