Mary’s Top of 2015

There is a lot I could say about 2015. One thing I learned is that music can sometimes speak much louder than words, which is why I’ll refrain from writing a novel about my year and instead share with all of you my “Mary’s Top of 2015” playlist, my pride and joy.
I began this playlist in February with the intention of putting all of the best songs I discovered throughout the year on it. Little did I know that it would turn into so much more than that. I can equate each song with a specific time or event in 2015, and I have come to see what a special gift it is, since otherwise I might’ve forgotten those feelings and moments.
The first and last songs probably say the most, though.
White Dress by Parachute is the first song on my playlist. It’s probably still one of my most favorite songs ever, and I am still debating whether or not to put it on “Mary’s Top of 2016”. I know it is a love song and that’s what most people notice when they first listen to it, but the main reason why I personally love it is because the girl he describes is me. “She’s out the door but she hasn’t left yet/ And I start believing her when she says that/ The city’s gonna save her”.
The last song, which I added only a few days ago, is Heartbeat by Bellarive. And it says less about me and my year, but more about what I want for 2016, and the rest of my life. It’s my chant, my cry as the New Year comes.
“I feel Your heartbeat/ And I just want to stay here/ Here where I belong”.
Music has always been able to beautifully and eloquently put my thoughts and feelings into words, and I could not be more grateful for it. I hope you enjoy the playlist, a sliver of my soul and an interesting collection of all sorts of different music (I have everything from Fall Out Boy to Elevation Worship; from Sleeping With Sirens to Of Monsters and Men). I pray God will bless you this next year and all the years ahead of you. Happy New Year!
Listen to “Mary’s Top of 2015”!

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