The World Behind Me

The safety harnesses were the only things keeping me in my seat. But, even so tightly secured, weightlessness was the most remarkable thing I had ever felt. Of course, I had felt it several times before, but that had all been training for this moment. This was the real thing. This particular moment was what I had been preparing for for years. This was what I had been dreaming about my whole life.
But, even though I could see the shining lights of galaxies and supernovas through the thick glass all around me, I didn’t dwell on them and all their splendor like I was usually prone to do. I knew I would become very familiar with them over the next couple of days, anyway. But now, in my last few moments of silence before the launch, I wanted to focus on earth.
I strained my neck and peered to the far left with my eyes to see beyond my helmet at the blue and green planet which I had called home all my life.
But I was moving away now. And not just across the street.
“I’m going where no man has gone before,” I whispered to myself, relaxing my head and closing my eyes.
Space Cadet Thirty-Four,” a voice suddenly boomed in my radio, “All systems are primed and ready for jump. Hyperspeed initiating in ten…
I gasped, glancing around nervously, but everything was perfectly prepared and organized. An autopilot was pre-oriented to steer the ship to my destination and automatic machines were set all around me, ready to assist me whenever I needed anything.
All I had to do on this journey, really, was sit and admire the view. At least, until we arrived.
But still my heart pounded. My breathing became deep and I leaned my head back and positioned myself like I had been trained to do.
Tears filled my eyes. I would never see earth again.
I pulled out two pictures I kept in the breast pocket of my space suit. The first picture was a snapshot of my family. My mom and dad, my two little sisters, and me.
The second was a picture of when I was baptized. I smiled, and closed my eyes, remembering the song that played just afterward.
“The cross before me,” I sang.


“The world behind me…”


“I will follow…”


“I will follow.”
I opened my eyes.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gabi M.
    May 11, 2014 @ 06:00:03

    I love this one too! I’m excited to see where your writing will take you.



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