To All the Girls

You are beautiful.

Yeah, I’m talking to you.

And I know what you’re probably thinking…

“She didn’t know I was going to read this…”

And I didn’t. I never know who is going to read it.

But you’re still beautiful.

And that might sound cliche or maybe awkward. But I’m not saying I’m attracted to you. I’m saying that you are beautiful/handsome/gorgeous/unique/fabulous/lovely/pretty/special.

But I know you might not believe this about yourself.

Maybe you think you’re just average.

But you are so beautiful. How do I know that? Because God made you. He made you and there is no one else like you in this entire universe. So I can say with certainty that you are unique in your own way.

You still don’t think you’re pretty?

Well, who’s standards are you comparing yourself to?

Because in God’s eyes, you are amazing. You are so amazing, you were to die for. Literally.

But think about it this way…

God made all the colors of this world. Red, blue, fuchsia, green, cerulean, gray, lavender, beige, white, brown, crimson, purple, yellow, auburn, black, magenta, pink… He made them all. And all with such variety! (I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the colors there are! See?) There are hundreds of shades of just one color!

God made all these colors… all with their own special shades and vibrancies… but they aren’t as precious to Him as you are. So if He made simple colors with such grandeur and diversity… how much more beauty and complexity do you think He made you with?

If purple set the standards for all the colors and if to be beautiful the colors had to be purple (or close to it), not very many would add up, would they? Blue would kind of be close and maybe pink… But green? Orange? They would be ugly and worthless if purple was what was considered pretty.

But this isn’t true, is it?

My favorite color is yellow.

Yours might be red. Or brown. Or purple! But they’re all beautiful, aren’t they? And when we use them together… they make stunning artwork.

(Not my image. Found on

But art would be boring if everything was purple, wouldn’t it?

You were made special. You were handcrafted by God. Your hair color, size, strength– it’s all unique and beautiful because it’s part of YOU. And YOU are not like any other person!

You are beautiful.


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