Words by themselves are worthless. And this is coming from a writer. But, before you freak out, let me explain what I mean.

Words are used to portray stories or ideas. The words themselves could mean nothing. Or they could mean anything, at the same time. But words are not meant to stand alone. They are meant to paint a picture in the readers’ minds.


What did you imagine when you read that? Perhaps someone looking over their shoulder? Perhaps a small child looking through a window? There are so many pictures this word could paint. But looked by itself means nothing.


What did you imagine for that one? A bright pair of emerald eyes? Or eight, black eyes owned by a spider? You and I probably did not imagine the same eyes. That’s because the word eyes by itself could mean anything. And, as a writer, it’s my job to make you see what I’m seeing. And a single word all by itself doesn’t do that, now does it?


You probably did not see anything for this one. That’s because this is an abstract word. You might have imagined a Bible or perhaps a court house, but truth isn’t a concrete, touchable object, is it? It’s an idea. And, by itself, it will stay that. Nothing more than an idea.

These words above could mean many things or nothing at all. But, if someone decides to take them and turn them into something, what would happen? Would these meaningless words perhaps become something more?

Grabbing the young boys shoulders, I looked him straight in the eyes. His dark, blue eyes stared back at me, pleadingly. And I knew in that moment that he was telling the truth.

Words are one of the most powerful tools. What are you going to do with them?


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