Some write in boring, regular old caves…

“For heaven’s sake, don’t you see I’m in the middle of something?!” I yelled at the big, ugly trolls that were banging their swords and war hammers in my face. I glanced up from my masterpiece on my lap, glaring at the monsters who had dared to interrupt me. They snorted and roared and kept pounding their weapons. I rolled my eyes and I glanced down at my work. My fingers tapping the air, I tried to think of a solution to my difficult piece of work in front of me. I thought hard, my nose scrunching up.
And then, just when I was sure I was on the brink of geniusity, the biggest troll who must have been the leader roared so loud that it shook the ground. I gripped my masterwork so it wouldn’t fall. And then they closed in.


I closed it, and then clutched my precious work to my chest, ready to fight to the death for it– but then again hoping I wouldn’t die. The trolls began throwing ropes around my shoulders.


“Hey! Hey!” I yelled, not very happy about this distraction, “Let me go!”
But, then I remembered that trolls don’t listen. I sighed in frustration as they picked me up and began to march. Where they were taking me, I did not know. But I hoped it wouldn’t be far away. I had some work to get done and did not have time for a long journey. We marched through the quiet woods where I had been peacefully minding my business. Soon, though, approached a nearby mountain. To my annoyance, they began marching up the moutain! I sighed. But, at least the trolls had not destroyed my weeks worth of hard labor. 

We marched up and up and I grew steadily curious at where they were taking me. The thought never crossed my mind that they might kill me. Trolls were too dumb. 

Finally, the big, ugly, stinky trolls slowed to a stop. They spoke a few brief words in their rough language, and then two of the tallest, meanest looking trolls picked me up and began to walk again. I looked to see where we were going now, and dread entered my heart.
“Hey, HEY!” I screeched, twisting and trying to free myself from the ropes, “Don’t you dare!” 

But, of course, the trolls didn’t listen.


One of them, to my utter surprise, leaned into my face and whispered in very gruff English, “Bye, writer.”
“No, wait!” I screeched as they lifted me, preparing for the plunge. But, they didn’t even hesitate. I screamed as they threw me down into the large, dark hole. 

My yell echoed through the hole as I fell straight down. I was stilled tied up so I could do nothing to stop my fall. But then, I stopped screaming as I realized with horror that I was falling face down. Twisting in air, I forced myself to turn so my back faced downward. Once I had my face turned upward, I sighed with relief. My work would not get crushed when I finally reached the bottom… And then I remembered I was still falling!
Taking a deep breath, I began screaming again.
And then, I hit the bottom. The air was forced from my lungs, and I sat there in complete darkness convincing myself that I was dying. But, I kept fighting for air. Once I could enhale again, I looked around. I saw something sparkle to my left. I looked and saw a little light shining on some gold treasure. And something even better… Fishies!


I sat up into a sitting position and began to scoot toward the yummy treasure. I was starved! When I finally made it to the gold fish, I let myself fall face first onto a large pile of the golden snack food. I began to eat, quite pigishly.


Totally forgetting about the trolls and the fact that I was stuck in blackness, I began to think, “Whoever left this stuff here must have known I passed 15,000 words this afternoon. This is a wonderful treat!!”


When I had eaten my fill, I sat up.
“Now, to get out of these confounded bounds so I can get back to working,” I said. Seeing a crown with a pointy top, I wiggled over to it and began to rub the ropes on it to the best of my ability. But the ropes seemed invincible!
“Ugh,” I exclaimed, giving up. But then, all of a sudden, I heard the sound of movement. I jerked my head up, but I couldn’t see any farther than a few feet ahead of me.
“Wait. I’m in a dark cave filled with treasure, that sounds awfully like a–” 

Fire lit up an area a few feet away from me, singeing my hair. A dragon leaned into my face, staring me in the eyes. And then it roared loudly. I glared at it.
“Now, I won’t have any of that,” I declared, firmly, “You should be ashamed of yourself. Trying to burn a guest! Hmph!”
The dragon looked at me with a confused expression.
“Go on, now. Help me remove these bounds,” I exclaimed, standing up. The dragon still looked puzzled.
“Come on!” I snapped impatiently, “I don’t have all day!”
The dragon meekly reached out it’s claw and sliced the ropes. I smiled.
“That’s better. And, to thank you, I shall allow you to keep your treasures,” I said, grinning. The dragon nodded it’s thanks, something like a smile on it’s face. I shook my head as I moved to a more comfortable position. Dragons were fearsome enemies, but quite gullible friends. The dragon settled down at my feet and shut it’s eyes. I sighed and then pulled out my laptop, my hands nearly shaking with anticipation.
“Now I can finally write my novel!” I said excitedly as my fingers began typing out the next sentence.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sophia
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 02:11:50

    wow that is really awesome Mary!!! Love it!



  2. Anonymous
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 15:47:26

    Ha-ha! This is *awesome*!!



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