Writing, writing words.

As Camp Nanowrimo kicks off, I am furiously typing out a story. Writing, writing, writing. And my fingers aren’t tired yet and neither is my brain. I figure by the end of this month, though, that will be a different story. But, right now, I am sincerely enjoying these first few days of literary abandon.


Without further ado (and since I have nothing more to say) here is a little peek on what I am writing this month. Enjoy:




Chapter 1


Katheryn faced her opponent, glaring and searching for weaknesses. But he didn’t seem to have any. The two young warriors circled each other slowly, bright swords in front of them.

Katheryn was panting and sweating hard. She was thankful for this one break in the intense fight. But, she did wonder at the outcome.

No,” she thought viciously, stopping and planting her feet firmly into the ground, “I will not let him win again.

They both stopped, and neither moved for a long time. And then, Katheryn attacked. She jumped forward, swinging her sword toward his head. The speedy youth easily blocked it and parried. The fight was back on.

Both were sweaty and tired but both were still fierce and swift. Their swords flew faster and faster, and no winner was apparent.

Katheryn blocked a thrust meant for her abdominal, and was quickly forced to protect herself from a volley of cuts and slices. Her opponent’s sword flew like lightning, and Katheryn was startled by the realization that he was really good. Finally, the combination was over, and she counter-attacked with her own. A quick thrust, a side cut, an up-hand swing, she couldn’t be undone with her strong strokes. Her opponent began to retreat. She was still on top of him and they danced around the field where they fenced. But, she didn’t see the root until it was too late.

Katheryn was all of a sudden on her face. She heard her opponent scrambling to get to her before she could rise. Her sword still in grasp, she readied for the next presumed stroke. She heard it. She swung her sword straight over her head as she jumped back away from him. The two swords clashed, but his sword was more forceful. Katheryn’s weapon was blown from her grasp.

The young man swished his sword toward the direction where Katheryn was sitting, shocked. He stalked toward her. But Katheryn was not done.

The victorious warrior towered over her a few moments later. He raised his sword above her ready for the final stroke while Katheryn appeared helpless. He raised it higher and then began the plunge.

Just inches before it would have hit her, Katheryn rolled. The warrior was startled to see his sword pierce nothing but dirt. Katheryn grasped the hilt to her small knife as she leapt to her feet. Her back was to him. She whipped out the knife, turned toward him and used the momentum to throw the knife at her opponent. The warrior did not have time to block the deadly blow. The knife smacked into his chest, and the warrior gasped. Dropping his raised sword, he fell to the ground, wheezing.

Katheryn froze. She hadn’t really meant to hurt him!

“Oh no,” she gasped, running to him, “Are you ok, Cameron?”

She knelt down next to him just as he let out a raspy laugh.

“Remind me never to challenge you again!” he croaked, sitting up and wiping his brow with the back of his hand. Katheryn held in a giggle while she put her light green hand on his shoulder. But, she almost pulled away when she saw her skin. It looked so unpleasant when compared to Cameron’s smooth, golden yellow skin. She shook her head, trying to shake away her thoughts.

“I’m so sorry,” she squeaked, picking up her wooden knife from the ground, “Thank goodness that wasn’t a real knife.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 20:17:12

    Looks good, can’t wait to read the whole thing! :D



  2. sophixiegirl
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 20:52:20

    wow i like that ending!!!!!!



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